Massive Attack v. Gui Boratto v. Dj Winterman

Winterman vs. Zion I - Doin My Thang...

Winterman contributes to Craggs & Parallel Forces Album!

Turn The Page Album
Sunday, July 25, 2010

Turn the page marks a new beginning for Craggz and Parallel, not only in a change of name and lineup, it also showcases a new sound and direction in their work.

Moloko Remix By DJ Winterman In Rory Breaker's New Mix...

Rory Breaker

Sessions: A Night In Baltimore


0) Rory Breaker Nick The Greek Intro
1) TCH - Supernova - Bmore Remix
2) Unknown Artist - Let It Rock - Bmore Club Mix
3) Al Ripken Jr. Women Lie Men Lie Bmore Remix
4) DJ SEGA - No Cruelty - New Jack Philly Remix
5) Winterman - Bring It Back - Bmore Remix
6) Lyny P - Everything - Bmore Remix
7) Unknown Artist - Bust It - Bmore Mix
8) Skinny - Keep Bouncin’ Skinny - Bmore Remix
9) Scottie B - Paper Planes - Bmore Remix
10) Solly - Lemonade - Bmore Remix

"Club Ah Dub" D&B Mix

"Club Ah Dub" D&B Mix

By DJ Winterman

Winterman As Dynamite

FULL Length Mix:

87:10mins [320kbps Mp3 204.3MB] [Hi-Fi Audio]

CD Length Mix:

75:18mins [320kbps Mp3 176.5MB] [Hi-Fi Audio]